Good Riddance Pest Control provides an industry-leading ant control solution in Dublin, Wicklow, Meath and Kildare. Do you have ants in your home or garden? And do you need to get rid of ants quickly? Then you need a professional ant treatment. Ants are one of the more annoying and persistent pest infestations. And they spread rapidly. So, while you may only see a handful of ants in your home, one nest can contain over 15,000. This is why it is pointless using over the counter ant treatments. Killing ants on the spot will not solve an infestation. 


Good Riddance Pest Control has an innovative ant control solution that works by treating the infestation at the source. Our expert technicians provide a fast, effective and discreet service in which we guarantee eradication. Call Good Riddance for a free inspection and to learn about our residential and commercial ant control packages.


Good Riddance Pest Control provides multiple ant control solutions to suit various levels of infestation. We have budget friendly options and more comprehensive packages. If you have ants in your home or garden, our technician will recommend the ideal solution for you. 


Step 1 is the completion of a thorough internal and external inspection of the infested property. The goal of the inspection is to locate the nest in order to determine the size and species of the colony. Thus ensuring we provide the right treatment. Additionally, we will find all potential entry points in order to source how the ants entered the property in the first place.


Step 2 is to quickly and effectively eradicate the infestation using a treatment method tailored to the specific infestation. No two infestations are the same. So, in order to eliminate an infestation the treatment method needs to factor in the species, the size, and the location of the infestation. Luckily our ant treatments begin to work within an hour.


Step 3 is to prevent the infestation from ever returning. Once the infestation has been successfully eradicated our technicians can proof and seal all the entry points found during the inspection. And recommend other preventative measures. Additionally, we provide disinfection treatments, service contacts and follow up treatments if requested.


Do you have ants in your home or in your garden? Then you more than likely have an ant infestation. Ant infestations can go unnoticed in the beginning. Although, once established they are unmissable. However, knowing the signs of an ant infestation can help you spot and treat an infestation before it gets out of hand. 


Ants in Ireland are not dangerous. As they do not bite or sting. Nor do they spread illnesses or diseases. However, they are considerably annoying. And an infestation can be very problematic. Especially if it has been left untreated for any length of time.


Ants are single-minded in their need to source food for the Queen. And they are not afraid to travel far from the nest in order to do so. They enter properties, climb on surfaces, invade fridges and cupboards. And in the process, contaminate everything they touch. Just trying to find food they can bring back to the colony. Once they find food, they alert the colony by emitting a chemical pheromone. Leaving a trail from the nest to the food source. This in turn attracts more ants. As they leave the colony and follow the trail, in order to help carry the food back. This is why killing ants as you see them will not stop an infestation. As once the trail is set, more and more ants will just keep coming. Until they are eradicated at the source.


Black ants are the most common species of ants found in Ireland. They are also known as garden ants. Ants are social insects. And live in colonies that can grow to over half a million if left untreated. Ants nest outdoors, typically underground. However, they are not shy about heading indoors to find food. Black ants can live up to 7 years while the Queens can live for 15. While mating takes place in July or August, ant colonies become active as early as February. This is when ant infestations typically begin.


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Good Riddance Pest Control provides fast and effective ant control solution in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow & Meath. Our expert technicians guarantee eradication with our industry-leading complete pest control solution. 

If you are worried about ant in your home or garden, why not contact us today for a free inspection? Simply fill in the contact form, and a member of our team will contact you to arrange a technicians visit.

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