Good Riddance Pest Control provides industry-leading, residential and commercial bird control services in Dublin, Wicklow, Meath and Kildare. Do you have a bird infestation? Perhaps birds are nesting in your attic? Or perching and fouling on your roof? If so, you need a professional bird repellent or deterrent solution. Bird infestations can be very damaging, to both people and property. And getting rid of birds is not easy once the nest has settled. Therefore, getting a professional bird control solution is essential, if they have settled in your home or business.


Good Riddance Pest Control provides innovative bird control solutions that repels or deters birds from homes or businesses. These solutions prevent against any future infestations. Our expert technicians provide fast, effective and discreet bird repellent and bird deterrent solutions. That are guaranteed to resolve your bird issues for good. Call Good Riddance for a free inspection.


Good Riddance Pest Control provides a tried and tested complete wildlife control solution that is guaranteed to resolve your bird infestation. Our three step bird control solution works quickly and effectively to remove any pest birds you may have in your home or business.


Step 1 is the completion of a thorough inspection of the property. The goal of the inspection is to firstly identify the exact species of bird infesting the property. And secondly, to determine if the birds are nesting on the property. Or just perching and fouling. This information allows our technicians to come up with a bespoke bird control programme.


Step 2 is to quickly and effectively implement a bird repellent or deterrent solution. Using the information from the inspection, our technicians will recommend a solution that ensures the birds will no longer be able to access your property. We have a variety of repellent and deterrent solution for every species of bird and for every budget.


Step 3 is to repair any damage to the property caused by the birds. During that process, our technicians will also provide proofing to ensure the infestation cannot return. Additionally, we provide bird clean up services. This involves the cleaning and sanitising of any bird foul, nest removal and disinfection sprays in order to prevent secondary infestations.


Do you have a birds nest on your property? Perhaps in an attic space? Or blocking the chimney. If so, you need a professional bird control solution to safely and effectively resolve the infestation. Bird control should only be attempted by a professional, as it can be dangerous and tricky. Additionally, bird control should only be attempted by a technician that is Wildlife Certified (CRRU accredited). As the legislation dictates different levels of protection for various species of birds, at different times of year. Good Riddance Pest Control is CRRU accredited and provides a variety of bird control services to suit any issue.


Bird Spiking/Tension Wire

Bird spiking and tension wire are humane bird deterrent solutions. Both methods work by obstructing areas that bird tend to perch. For example, window and roof ledges. Birds see the spikes and wire as potentially harmful. Therefore, they avoid landing on or near them. Both methods are long lasting and highly effective. However, tension wire is the more aesthetically pleasing option.


Repellent Gel

Bird Repellent Gel is the most innovative method of bird control on the market. Placing discs of bird repellent gel on perching sites is a foolproof way to get rid of a pigeon infestation. The discs reflect UV light which repels birds by making them think the building is on fire. Bird Repellent Gel is a discreet and cost-effective method of bird repellent. As well as being non-toxic, and humane.


Bird Netting

Bird netting is an excellent bird deterrent solution. Netting works by completely blocking the pest birds access to the area. There are different types of netting available. The species of pest bird determines what type of netting you should use. Bird nets are highly-effective. Especially in larger spaces. However, it is one of the more expensive options. But they can last up to 10 years.


Bird Proofing

Following a bird infestation, it is essential to proof the property to ensure an infestation cannot return. Birds nesting on roofs cause significant damage. As they utilise any tiny hole or gap, in order to access the eaves of attic spaces. Once an infestation is clear, proofing these areas are the only way to ensure bird can no longer nest there. Our expert technicians provide fast, efficient and effective proofing services.

Bird Cleaning Solution

Bird infestations cause accidents, diseases, property damage and secondary infestations. Therefore, a professional bird cleaning and decontamination solution is essential following an infestation. Our technicians expertly remove all bird foul, clean out any nesting material and feathers from gutters, vents, attics and chimneys and provide treatments to eliminate secondary infestations and kill disease causing bacteria.

Bird Removal

Birds regularly find themselves stuck in properties, or in chimneys with no idea how to get out. Being trapped may be distressing to a bird. Resulting in the bird frantically flying around in search of an exit. On the flip side, if a bird finds themselves trapped in a secluded area, such as an attic, they may be happy to stay and nest. Our technicians have the training and equipment to quickly and effectively remove trapped birds.


Having a bird infestation in your home or business may seem harmless. However, bird infestations can be very dangerous. Firstly, if a human comes into contact with bird droppings or bird feathers, they can potentially contract a serious illness. Such as Histoplasmosis, e. Coli or Salmonella. Bird feathers and droppings contain a multitude of bacteria and viruses. Secondly, bird fouling doesn’t just cause illness. It also causes slip and fall accidents. Potentially resulting in a serious injury. 


Thirdly, bird infestations can cause significant property damage. Bird foul is extremely corrosive. It can destroy a properties exterior, garden furniture, driveways, and even the paint on cars. Birds also cause property damage while nesting. The create holes in eaves in order to gain access to roof spaces. And they block ventilation systems and chimneys with their nests and feathers. 


Ireland has several different species of birds that are categorised as pests. And Good Riddance has a solution for each one of them. It is worth noting that Good Riddance has expert knowledge of Wildlife Protection laws. As many species of birds are protected under Irish and European Legislation.


Why Choose Good Riddance Pest Control?

Good Riddance Pest Control provides a thorough and complete bird control solution in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow & Meath. Our expert technicians guarantee eradication with our industry-leading complete wildlife control solution. 

If you are worried about a potential bird nest on your property, why not contact us today for a free inspection? Simply fill in the contact form, and a member of our team will contact you to arrange a technicians visit.

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