How to Prevent an Ant Infestation this Ant Season


An ant infestation is one of the more annoying pest problems. This is because ants are relentless and military in their pursuit to grow their colony. So, as we enter ant season, now is the time to be vigilant. Stopping a colony now, will save you a lot of stress in the future. As while getting rid of ants in your home or garden is possible. Especially with our expert ant control solution. Prevention is always better than a cure. So, follow the below tips to learn how you can prevent an ant infestation this ant season.

1. Eliminate Food Sources to Prevent an Ant Infestation

Ants typically invade homes or businesses in search of food. So, tip number one seems fairly straightforward. Eliminate any potential food source. However, this requires vigilance. This is because even the smallest crumb will attract ants. Preventing ants means eliminating indoor and outdoor food sources. To prevent an indoor infestation, ensure to wipe down all countertops with disinfectant after meal prepping. Sweep immediately to ensure there is no food debris on the floor. And don’t forget to clean under large appliances. Like dishwashers, cookers or fridges. Store food in air-tight containers. Preferably in the cupboards or in the fridge. And never, ever leave food out unattended. To prevent ants outdoors, firstly, seal all rubbish bins. Secondly, regularly sweep the ground. And finally, if eating outdoors, cover the food at all times. And clean up immediately after. Paying particular attention to the ground. Thus ensuring there are no crumbs.

2. Eliminate Water Sources

Much like tip 1, it is important to eliminate all potential water sources. Much like humans, and various other pests, ants need water to survive. Therefore, cutting off their access to water is a simple ant prevention tip. Regularly check for leaky pipes, or spills under appliances. And don’t forget about pet bowls. Never leave them out all day. As they will attract ants.

3. Proof your Premises to Prevent an Indoor Ant Infestation

Proofing your premises is essential if you would like to prevent an ant infestation. Ants can not come inside if you cut off their access. To successfully proof your property start by trimming down any vegetation that surrounds the doors or windows. Then meticulously examine the exterior of the property. Find and then seal any holes you may come across. Particularly those surrounding utility pipes. Use sand and cement to do this.

4. Try and Find the Location of the Nest

As it is still early in ant season, now is the time to search your garden for a potential nest. Black ants like to build nests under natural materials. Or in the crevices of pavements. So, check for holes under leaves, rocks, or wood. The hole will be relatively small. But the nest could house thousands of ants. If you find a nest outdoors this early in the season, boiling water may work to kill it off. However, this may not fully resolve the issue. If you have a nest indoors, finding its location can be hard. Try follow the ants to see the direction they are heading. And hopefully, they will lead you to the nest. However, do not attempt a DIY ant control solution to kill an indoor nest. This requires a professional solution. Good Riddance provides industry-leading ant solutions. With packages that suit every level of infestation.

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