How Do I Get Rid of Foxes? Fox Control Q&A


How do I get rid of foxes in my garden? Or why is there always a fox in my garden? Do I need a fox control solution? These are just some of the most common questions we receive at this time of year. This is because it is officially the start of fox season. So, to mark the occasion we are answering the most common questions about foxes that we regularly receive.

What is an urban fox?

An urban fox is essentially just a fox that lives in highly populated areas. The urban fox is comfortable living in close proximity to humans. In fact, they thrive in these situations. As they utilise this proximity to feed themselves from the rubbish humans discard. And to find a safe garden in which to settle.

When is fox season?

Fox season typically starts in late January and into early February.

What is fox season?

Fox season refers to the time of year that foxes breed. During this time you may notice an increase of urban foxes on your property. This is because they are there seeking a safe place to build a den. In order to have cubs. Urban foxes typically settle in gardens with of high-vegetations. Or under sheds or decking. As these places feel safe and secure to a pregnant vixen. If a pregnant vixen settles in your garden during the start of fox season, do not expect this to be a flying visit. Foxes settle for the long haul. They don’t move on until the cubs start to disperse in October. And typically the vixen will return again in January to start the season again.

Is it safe to allow a fox in my garden?

This is a complicated question. For the most part, urban foxes will not approach humans. So, having a den in you garden isn’t necessarily dangerous. However, there is always exceptions to any rule. So, if you are going to allow foxes in your garden then it is vital that you take precautions. Firstly, give them a wide berth. Secondly, never, ever go near the den. They are territorial animals. If they feel a human is infiltrating their space then they will attack. And finally, never approach a cub. A vixen will attack if she feels the cub is in danger.

How do I get rid of foxes in my garden?

Foxes are clever and cautious. Getting rid of them isn’t easy. Especially once they settle. And considering they have the potential to attack humans, do not attempt to get rid of foxes yourself. Getting rid of foxes can be dangerous. Therefore, it is best left to a professional fox expert. An expert will get rid of foxes by commencing a trapping programme. Successfully trapping foxes requires an intricate knowledge of the species.

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