Get Rid of Mice for Good


Mice are an annoying, destructive and stressful pest to deal with. And getting rid of them for good can be a challenge. Especially if you do not know what you are doing. Or if you are not utilising the correct tools or methods. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to prevent mice from entering your home. And eliminate any existing infestations. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get rid of mice for good.

Get Rid of Mice the DIY Way

DIY mouse control can be a waste of time and money. The only methods of mice control available to the public are traps or over the counter poison. The problem with OTC poison is that it is not strong enough to kill an infestation. And the issue with traps is that mice are skittish by nature. And very smart. Therefore, they tend to avoid traps. Or they learn how to remove the food, without trapping themselves. Traps can be effective for a solitary mouse. But useless against an infestation. However, we do have some tips if you want a DIY method. Firstly, bait traps with peanut butter. As this is hard for the mice to get off the trap. Secondly, place the traps along the walls in the areas the mice frequent. Look for droppings to find these areas. And finally, find and seal any potential entry points.

Get Rid of Mice the Good Riddance Way

Good Riddance Pest Control provides an industry leading mice control solution. After many years within this industry, we have a complete solution that not only quickly eliminates an active infestation, but also ensures the mice do not return. Our mice solutions take place over the course of three weeks. However, we do provide more visits if necessary.

Step 1:

The first step in any pest control treatment is to conduct a thorough inspection of the infested property. This happens during the first visit. Throughout this inspection, our technician is looking for signs in order to accurately identify the infesting pest. Correctly identifying the pest is essential in order to eradicate it. However, identifying mice can be tricky. As many amateurs easily confuse mice and rats. However, our technicians have the training and skills to know the difference. Additionally, the technician will be looking for entry points, and the cause of the infestation. It is important to gather all of this information, in order to successfully get rid of mice for good.

Step 2:

The second step is to eradicate the infestation. Again, this takes place on the first visit. Our technician will utilise the correct eradication method based on the information from the inspection. Utilising the correct bait is essential to eradicate an infestation quickly. Additionally, it is necessary to know exactly where to place the bait. Placing bait in the wrong place means the mice will never eat it. Therefore, the infestation will continue to grow. After placing the bait, our technician will wait a week for it to take effect. In this time, the infestation will start to dwindle. Our technician will return the following week to check the bait. And replenish if necessary.

Step 3:

Now the final stage of our 3 step complete pest control solution is preventing the infestation from recurring. And this can take place on week 2 or 3. Once our technician clears the infestation, he will start proofing the property. This means sealing all the entry points found during the inspection. Additionally, we will provide other preventative advice that may be relevant to your situation. And we offer post-infestation cleaning and disinfection solutions, upon request. In order to remove all traces of the infestation. From nesting materials, droppings, and even disease causing bacterias.

Experiencing a mouse issue? Contact us now and we will provide a fast and effective mice control solution!

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