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Rats are smart, single-minded, formidable pests. And once they settle in a particular area, it is not easy to get rid of rats. Leaving the nest untreated means eradication gets harder by the day. This is because rats reproduce so fast. A female rat will reproduce every 6 weeks. With each litter containing anything from 6 – 10 rats. Two rats can turn into 1,000 rats in under one year. The only way to quickly and effectively eradicate a rats nest is to utilise the services of a professional pest control company. Although, it is vital to remember that not all pest control companies provide a complete rat control solution. Like we do here at Good Riddance!

Good Riddance Complete Rat Control Solution

After many years in this industry, we are happy to declare ourselves experts at getting rid of rats. We are very proud of our unique rat control solution. As we don’t just get rid of the rats. We also ensure they cannot return. And how do we do that? By using our 3 step complete pest control solution.

Step 1:

Firstly, the responding technician will complete a thorough inspection of the infested premises. He will inspect inside the property in areas such as attics, hot presses, and even under kitchen cabinets. And outdoors in areas with high vegetation and even the drainage system. Once the inspection is complete, our technician will have a clearer idea of how the rat are accessing your property. And then it is onto step two – eradication.

Step 2:

Our technicians quickly and effectively eradicate the infestation using a treatment method tailored to the specific infestation. No two infestations are the same. So, in order to eliminate an infestation the treatment method needs to factor in the species of rat. And the size of the infestation. In addition to where and how the infestation began. The nest will start to dwindle after the first visit. Any rat riddance programme requires 3 visits as standard. However, in the event of a really bad infestation, it may take several visits to ensure complete eradication. This is something we are happy to do at no additional charge to our customers. Unlike many of our competitors.

Step 3:

Now the final stage of our 3 step complete pest control solution is preventing the infestation from recurring. Once our technician clears the infestation, he will start proofing the property. This means sealing all the entry points found during the inspection. And completing any drain repairs if necessary. Additionally, we will provide other preventative advice that may be relevant to your situation. And we offer post-infestation cleaning and disinfection solutions, upon request. In order to remove all traces of the infestation. From nesting materials, droppings, and even disease causing bacterias.

Professionally Get Rid of Rats

Good Riddance Pest Control provides an industry-leading professional rat control solution. For both residential and commercial customers. The keyword here is professional. Let’s discuss what that means exactly. A professional solution means that the technician conducting the service is a trained, certified and registered pest control technician. And how do you know if you are in fact dealing with a professional pest control technician? Ask to see their PMU number. In Ireland, technicians receive a PMU number following 9 months of training. And once they the pass their exams. Here at Good Riddance, all of our technicians are professionals.

Get Rid of Rats Today!

Do you need to get rid of rats from your home or business? Or maybe you have rats in your garden or coming from your drains? No matter the issue, Good Riddance is here to solve your rat issue. For same day service, call us now!

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